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The "GEM" Organetta Music Player

$325.00 ($10.00 S&H)

The paper roller player is The "GEM" Organetta and is dated 1882 on the paper directions underneath. It still works, the bellows still puch air, it still has most all of the original stencilling and measures 6 1/2" high by 9 1/2" long by 6 1/8" wide or 9 3/4" at the handle. Getting harder to find in this condition.

Steelton & Highspire RR ID Badge

$175.00 ($6.00 S&H)

This is one of those RR that you never find anything from. It is a small RR that basically worked for the Bethelem Steel Company. There is writing on the back of the badge that I can't make out because of a white substance covering it. I am leaving it on and the owner can clean it off if they wish to do so. From what I can tell, the writing is from the company with some rules about the badge. A great addition to any RR collection.

Leather Wrapped Ball

$75.00 ($5.00 S&H)

A neat old leather wrapped ball, approx. 2 inches in diameter and weighs 0.9 oz's. It is sewn like a baseball.

Victorian Alligator Coin Purse

$60.00 ($6.00 S&H)

A coin purse made from an Alligator's Foot. Big deal during the Victorian era.