About Us

Saturday, June 15, 2024

My name is Ken Fleck and I have been involved is some type of collecting for over sixty years. I've dealt in military collectibles, like most collectors, when I had extras or changed my collecting interests. I started collecting German daggers and Luftwaffe items in the late 1960's and then collected CBI and AAF during the 1970's. I sold everything in 1980-81 and stopped collecting until 1987 when I became interested in WW2 US Homefront items, specializing in Anti-Axis items which I am best known for. I've set up numerous award winning displays at the MAX shows in Monroeville, Pa. and the Forks of the Delaware shows in Allentown, Pa. In October of 2004, I made a life altering change and got my motorcycle license (at the age of 57) and bought my first Harley the following April. Motorcycling is what I live for, and if you ride, you then know what I mean. I took an early retirement from the Ironworkers Union in 1998 and have just closed my auction house in November of 2007. So, what to do with my time when I'm not riding? That's where Bullfrog Valley Militaria comes in. I know what I like and dislike, so I promise you that Bullfrog Valley Militaria will be run with Honesty and Integrity. I will try to add items to this site weekly, so please bookmark us and check back often. I carry a 100% money back guarantee on all items sold by me or on this site.