Saturday, June 15, 2024

I am most interested in buying Quality US military collectibles from all periods, but especially from the WW1 to WW2 era's. Items to include: AAF/Caterpillar Club/POW groupings, Bullion & Theater made patches & insignia, AAF Squadron & Group patches, Capture items, Personality items, Homefront/Anti-Axis items, Edged Weapons, POW items & Groupings, Escape & Evasion, Uniforms, Headgear, Equipment, Books, Unit Histories, Documents, Photo's & Paper On a personal note: At the end of 2021, through the help of two friends and customers , I was able to find and purchase my fathers things, that had been sold back in the mid-80's. Thanks to everyone that helped in my finding them again and to all the well wishers over the years. They are back home where they belong!!