WW2 - Escape, Evasion & Survival

35 Items For Sale

M-8 Flare Pistol w/Flares

$275.00 ($10.00 S&H)

A very nice example of a M-8 Flare Gun in working condition, these were the type flare gun carried in the Bombers to let the ground and field crews know they had wounded or have a ship in some type of distress. This gun comes with two near mint double star tracer flares, dated 1943 and one damaged flare with its wrapper. The flare has split, but makes a neat display as you can see the inside workings of the flare. All for one money.

MK 4 Flare Projector

$200.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A beautiful example of a 10gauge Mark 4 Flare Projector, as used in many of the survival kits and vests.

Mark 2 Sea Water Desalter Kit

$65.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Great looking kit from WW2, complete and unopened. Ink stamp dated 1962 on the bottom, as it was reissued for Vietnam.

Drinking Water Kit Can

$18.00 ($7.00 S&H)

This is for just the can, no contents. It has the neck cord and the packet with the extension tabs for the back pad kit, dated 1944. When empty, were used for many things, such as collecting rainwater, bailing, holding bait, etc.

1945 Dated M73 Red Ster Flares

$20.00 ($7.00 S&H)

These are M73 1" Red Star Distress Flares and are all dated 1945. They are sold at $20 each, or all three for $50.

Scout Whistle with Compass

$65.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A neat find from a B-24 Gunner with the 15th AAF. His 1930's metal Scout whistle with compass that he carried all through WW2. Lucky him, as he never had to use it! Never saw one of these before!!

1944 Dated Momsen Lung - Sub Escape

$1,250.00 ($10.00 S&H)

A near mint January 1944 Dated Momsen Lung, as used by US Submarine crews for escape purposes. The rubber parts are still as supple as the day it was made. Has all straps, chains with clips and even the nose clamp. This would be the last one you would ever buy, as I don't think you can upgrade this one. How often do you see them come up for sale, in any condition??

US Naval Aviator's Individual First Aid Kit

$500.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Just bought another one of these kits, super condition and near mint. It is just like the other one I have listed, never been opened and has the syrettes. The only difference is that on one side of the plastic kit, it is just a little harder to read the instructions, but it looks like the inside of the plastic is slightly covered with something. Nevertheless, this is a very hard kit to find complete and in this condition.

1944 Dated Survival Map for Luzon

$75.00 ($3.00 S&H)

A very nice example of a rayon survival map, as used by pilots and aircrews in case they are shot down. Marked No. 34, Southeast China and No. C-40 Luzon Island. Dated 1944 and still folded they way it was issued.

ESM/1 Mirror w/ Red Cross Pouch

$55.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A nice ESM/1 survival mirror with a real neat case/pouch made by the American Red Cross of Palm Beach County, Florida.

Morse Code Signal Mirror - Mint w/Pouch

$55.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A super looking survival mirror, still sealed in plastic and with canvas pouch. Don't see these too often and in this condition.

Brass Survival Kit Compass

$50.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Nice compass in working condition. These type compasses were found in many different survival and life raft kits.

Escape/Evasion/Frisk Knife

$185.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Made from steel and polished very smooth, the overall length is 6 5/8' long and has a 3" blade (sharp). It is also known as a frisk knife, as this type knife would be sewn into clothing, perhaps a flight jacket or coveralls, or possibly fitted into leather boots, anywhere the enemy soldiers would not detect it. Super little E/E item.

Type I Bisquit Bread - Survival Rations

$60.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A near mint box of Type I Survival Bisquit Bread. These were is life raft kits and other survival kits.

Life Boat Fishing Line and Hooks

$15.00 ($6.00 S&H)

OD fishing line and hooks, wrapped around a carved piece of wood.

Royal Canadian Navy - Emergency Food Kit

$225.00 ($15.00 S&H)

This kit is full with cans of water and food. All the cans are there, one of food cans was opened and the contents are gone. These kits were used in life boats and the larger rescue planes. When do you see these anymore?

ESM/1 Signal Survival Mirror

$40.00 ($6.00 S&H)

In near mint condition with original rope.

MK4 Flare Projector w/ Two Flares

$235.00 ($6.00 S&H)

A nice MK4 Flare Projector, with an added on piece of aluminum to help in the firing of the device. There is one green and one white flare to go with it. All for one money.

Survival Food - Pemmican

$12.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Here are two cans of Pemmican, which is used to make a hot soup, as found in Survival Food Kits. These two cans are bloated, but still in good shape. The brownish color on the tops and bottoms is from a chocolate powder that had broke inside the kit, it will come off. Both cans for one money.

Survival/Life Raft Kit Malted Milk Tablets

$35.00 ($6.00 S&H)

A great source of energy when mixed with water and drank. Even better when you could heat the water. Two rolls for one money. I have several sets of two at $35 a set.

Life Raft 1st Aid Box

$30.00 ($7.00 S&H)

This is for the metal box only. It measures 8" by 5" by 2 3/4" and has the mounting brackets and the handle. Think of the fun in filling it with the contents.

Survival Kit - 1940 Dated "Charms" Candy

$75.00 ($6.00 S&H)

I just found several of these mint, unopened candies and they are all dated 1940. These are some of the hardest items to find, for finishing off those Survival Kit displays. They are being sold at $75 each. Buy them when you can find them!!

Plastic Match Safes

$20.00 ($6.00 S&H)

I've got two brown plastic survival match safes at $20 each, or both for $35.

Match Safe with Compass

$65.00 ($6.00 S&H)

A great looking bakelite match safe with matches and a compass in the lid. Slightly different than others I've seen. The compass still works, but the top of the compass is hard to read.

WW2 Life Vest CO2 Cannisters

$10.00 ($7.00 S&H)

I have around 16 of these CO2 cannisters for WW2 Life Vest valve assemblies. Most are still full, with several spent, my choice at $10 each.

Survival Kit Pocket Watch Compass

$65.00 ($6.00 S&H)

I have two of these compasses in brass cases, they are marked with a "US" on the outside cover and are made by "Waltham". They are sold at $65 each. These are found in the F-1 Emergency Sustenace Flyers Case and other survival kits.

E-17 Personal Aids Kit

$175.00 ($8.00 S&H)

The canvas pouch is near mint and it has a survival mirror and two plastic flasks in it that are just waiting to be filled by YOU!!

C-2A Raft Kit Paddles

$30.00 ($6.00 S&H)

These are two paddles from a C-2A Raft kit from WW2 into the 1950's. One side has been treated to reflect light to aid in being seen at night from search-lights. The one paddle is near mint, but the decal on the other has some wear. That paddle would be the one to turn over to show the reflective side in a display.

Can of MK.II Flares for MK-3 Flare Projector

$165.00 ($6.00 S&H)

This is a can of ten, 10ga. green star MK.II flares for the MK-3 flare projector. The can is dated Jan. 1945.

Box of White MK.II Flares

$165.00 ($6.00 S&H)

This is a box of MK.II flares for a MK-3 flare projector. The box is dated 1943 and it contains ten white star 10ga. flares. Just what you need to complete the MK-3 flare projector set.

Life Raft Fishing Kit

$80.00 ($10.00 S&H)

This kit is either complete or close to it. It has the appearence of being issued, but not used. Very nice shape, just a little dirty in spots.

English Made Winged Boot

$350.00 ($5.00 S&H)

A beautiful example of a bullion "Winged Boot" on blue felt for those men that were able to evade and walk out to safety. This is also known as the "Late Arrivals Club"

F-1 Survival Kit Compass

$65.00 ($5.00 S&H)

This is a pocket compass from a F-1 Emergency Sustenance Flyers Case. It has a small dent on the front of the case, below the "U" and just above the hinge, but that only gives it character. Great condition and it works.

Escape Compass - Pill Compass

$55.00 ($2.00 S&H)

I have one small escape compass left, at $55.00. It is one of the alum. cases with white dial two alum. These could be sewn into most anywhere on a uniform or flight clothing to be retrieved when needed and I'm sure that one or two were probably swallowed to avoid detection too. All in working condition.

AAF Survival Whistle

$40.00 ($6.00 S&H)

"The Acme Thunderer" made in England, which was the preferred whistle carried by both AAF and RAF pilots for use in locating when down in water. Either carried on their flight jacket or around the neck on a lanyard for easy access.