WW2 - Caterpillar Club

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Rare Caterpillar Club Pin - 14K Gold

$600.00 ($4.00 S&H)

A super scarce version of the Caterpillar Club insignia with a smaller pin on a chain that has the number 18 or 81 on it. Both pins are marked 14K Gold. The larger pin measures 3/4" high and is in excellent condition.

Round Caterpillar Club Pin

$550.00 ($4.00 S&H)

I never saw this style Caterpillar Club pin before and its a beauty. It measures 5/8" in diameter and is a pinback. Super looking insignia in excellent condition.

Early Booklet to Irving Air Chute Co.

$95.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Great little booklet of 36 pages on Irving Parachutes with a strong emphasis on Caterpillar Club members of the 1920's. Many names and some photo's of these men. Excellent condition.

1945 Switlik Parachute Co. Manual

$75.00 ($4.00 S&H)

The 1945 Edition of "Switlik Safe-T-Chutes", 52 pages long and complete with pictures of chutes and a small section on the Caterpillar Club. Excellent condition.

Pioneer Parachute Co. Plaque

$175.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A wood shield shaped plaque measuring 9" by 13" which states the names and dates of Caterpillar Club members whose lives were saved by chute's packed by Harold L. Hunt. The three men who jumped, did so in 1950 & 1951. Nice graphics with some scratches.

Menihan Chute Co. Caterpillar Club Pin

$450.00 ($4.00 S&H)

"Saved for America" Awarded to ______ For Emergency Parachute Jump In A J.G.Menihan Chute, Sterling. Excellent condition.

Navy AD-6 Test Pilot Grouping

$875.00 ($10.00 S&H)

I know this is not WW2 vintage, but I didn't know where else to put it. This was the first and only Naval Pilot Caterpillar Club member that I ever ran across. John William Petrick enlisted in the V-5 Aviation Cadet program on 12 April 46, then as a Midshipman he was appointed a Naval Aviator on 9 Dec 49. Lt. Petrick became a Qualified Navy Helicopter Pilot on 29 Sept. 59 and followed up by being part of Whirlybird Student Class 3-60. His Caterpillar Club card, one that I had never seen before, states that he jumped on 9 August 1961. While he was test flying an overhauled AD-6 Skyraider out of NAS Quonset Point, R.I., Lt. Petrick's AD-6 was involved in a mid-air collision with another AD-6. Both pilots bailed out of their respective aircraft, with Lt Petrick receiving critical injuries. Included in this grouping are his Navy V-5 patch, pin & card, Naval pilot wings and a pilot bracelet, bullion pilot wings, his boxed Pratt & Whitney Aircraft wing & card, 3 flight log books, photo's of him in a T-6 trainer & helicopter's, numerous cards and other paper plus a China Service Medal. I've also included his Switlik Caterpillar Club replacement certificate, wallet card and pin, plus copies of the Aircraft Accident Report and a full report as to what happened as per the investigation. This will be a nice research project for someone.

1953 F-86 Caterpillar Grouping

$450.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Here is a later Caterpillar Club grouping for 2LT William D. Lutgen of the 432nd FIS based out of Truax Field, Madison, Wisc. who had to jump from his F-86D after a mid-air collision with an F-89 type aircraft during simulated combat. Both pilots made successful jumps, but the Radar Observer in the F-89 hit the ground, still in his seat, and was killed. Included are Lt Lutgen's original Caterpillar Club Certificate, copies of his application for the Caterpillar Club, a replacement Caterpillar Club certificate, wallet card and Caterpillar Club pin , his jump story and initial handwritten letter to Switlik. I even got a few of his rank insignia, a ribbon bar and a neat F-86 alum. coin from North American Aviation, Inc. I've also included a huge amount of research paper which consists of copies of the MACR for the incident and copies of photographs of the crash site. Lots of information.

Caterpillar Club Grouping

$1,125.00 ($10.00 S&H)

This grouping is to Sgt. Ronald A. Brown, a gunner on a B-24 with the 742nd Bomb Sq., 455th Bomb Gp., 15th AAF stationed at the San Giovanni Air Field, Italy. After their aircraft's controls were knocked out by enemy flak on 11 April 1945, Sgt. Brown jumped and became a POW as did the rest of the crew. Included in this grouping: his Caterpillar Club pin and certificate from Switlik Parachute Co., 2 metal & 1 cloth airgunner wings, collar brass, sgt. stripes, felt AAF patch & 3 medals and their ribbons plus a photo of him and his crew. I'm also including a copy of the MACR report which gives a little more information about the circumstances of their being brought down, a copy of his Switlik Caterpillar Club application and a replacement wallet card from Switlik. Nice grouping worthy of more research.

Matching Caterpillar Club Pins

$750.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A set of Caterpillar Club pins as given out by the Switlik Parachute Company through the Caterpillar Club of Trenton, N.J. Both pins are black enamel over sterling silver. The larger one is marked "Metal Arts Co. Roch. NY" and measures 1 1/8 inches. The smaller one, for civilian clothes, is 11/16 inches. Super set to find.