WW2 Army & AAF Cloth Insignia

72 Items For Sale

Niddletown Air Depot - Emergency Responce

$15.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Embroidered on twill with cheesecloth backing and measuring 4" by 2 3/4". They do NOT glow under black light. I have two patches and they are sold at $15 each.

Airborne Command - Ribbed Version

$45.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Nice A/B Command in a ribbed cloth design. Excellent condition.

Hawaiian Air Depot Patch & ID Tag

$225.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Fantastic Hawaiian Air Depot patch with the owner's ID badge. Super hard to find.

Hawaiian Air Depot Patch - Wor

$165.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Great looking Hawaiian Air Depot patch, measures 3' by 1 1/2". When do you see these?

CBI Bullion - Theater Made

$60.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Nice identically made patches, one has snap's on the back. $60 each, or both for $110.

USMC Pocket Patch

$25.00 ($3.00 S&H)

A great looking 4" diameter pocket patch with cheese cloth backing. Haven't seen this one before.

USMC Sgt. Stripes - Pairs

$10.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Nice matched sets of two each at $10 a pair/set. Your choice.

Engineering Specialist - Theater Made Bullion

$50.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Have two minty theater made, bullion on felt, AAF Engineering Specialist patches. They are sold at $50 each, or both for $95.

Army Photographer - Theater Made

$40.00 ($2.00 S&H)

A very nice theater made, embroidered U.S. Army Photographer patch. Measures 1 1/4" by 2 1/2".

Cadet Stripes

$25.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Very nice set of two matching school/academy cadet stripes. Came with some other WW2 patches, they measure 6 1/2" high by 9 1/4" wide overall. A dark blue felt/wool stripe on a lighter blue background. Both for one money. Note: not sure why the red lines in the photo, only the two blue colors.

FMF - PAC Patches

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow, sold at $20 each, the Amphib. and Engineer patches are sold.

M.A.C. Parachute Battalions

$45.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow.

Marine Amphibious Corps Patches

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow, your choice at $20 each, or take all four for $70

Marine Air Wing Patches

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow and sold at $20 each, or take all four for $70.

3rd Amphibious Corps

$25.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow.

51st Defense Battalion

$22.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow.

13th Defense Battalion

$22.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow.

5th Marine Division

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow.

4th Marine Division

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

One full embroidered and no glow. The felt patch on the right is sold.

3rd Marine Division

$18.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow.

2nd Marine Division (OLD)

$40.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Nice patch, no glow.

2nd Marine Division

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

No glow, your choice at $20 each, or both for $35.

1st Marine Division

$25.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Glue residue on the reverse, no glow.

U S Army Berlin

$10.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Nice looking patch, but the sword glows under black light.

CBI Theater Patch

$10.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Nice example's of US made patches. They are sold at $10 each. Have two left, middle one is sold.

7th Army - German Bevo

$29.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Super looking 7th Army in Bevo.

CBI - Theater Made Bullion

$50.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Have one nice theater made CBI Theater patch in bullion left. It is the one on the extreme right of the picture.

WW2 Occupation of Hungary

$22.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Excellent condition and does not glow.

IV Armored Corps

$15.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Excellent condition and does not glow.

12th Division - Embroidered on Felt

$18.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Excellent condition, cheesecloth backing and does not glow under black light.

8th AAF Stubby Wing Patch

$43.00 ($2.00 S&H)

A nice embroidered English made patch that was on a jacket.

Auxillary Military Police - Large Size

$12.00 ($2.00 S&H)

A nice 5" size Auxillary Military Police, embroidered on twill.

Airborne Ovals

$50.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Here are three nice WW2 vintage parachute regiment ovals. They are embroidered and have a cheese cloth backing. I believe them to be the 508 and 511 regiments and A/B Artillery. They are priced $50 each, your choice.

WW2 Pa. State Guard Set Patches

$19.00 ($1.00 S&H)

These are original, blue felt patches, shoulder and overseas cap being sold by the set, at $15 a set of two patches.

Cloth Costal Artillary Insignia

$8.00 ($1.00 S&H)

I have two sets, $8 a set, or take both for $15.

Pair of Gunner's Mate Rates

$20.00 ($2.00 S&H)

A pair of Gunner's Mate ratings, one made 1940 and the other 1944. Both for one money.

YMCA Patches - WW2 ??

$75.00 ($2.00 S&H)

These are really neat, but not sure if they are WW1, inbetween or WW2. I got them from an old collection of some early and WW2 patches. The YMCA and the similar one are stitched in lines that give a slight appearence to chenille, but not the thickness. The other two patches are felt sewn on felt. All for one money.

Iceland Base Command Patch

$15.00 ($1.00 S&H)

A nice example of the Iceland Base Command patch.

11th Airborne Division Patch

$40.00 ($1.00 S&H)

The tab and patch are attached, all one piece.

U.S. Air-Corps Breast Patch

$45.00 ($2.00 S&H)

This patch measures 3 7/8" in diameter and is embroidered on felt. A very nice looking patch.

27th Division - Green Back

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Nice example of a 27th Division Patch with green back.

4th Army - Green Back

$20.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Nice 4th Army with OD border and green back.

Penna Minute Men Armband

$40.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Pennsylvania Minute Men units were organized in the summer of 1943, after Pennsylvania Reserve Defense Corps Auxiliary units were redesignated. Members of these units were required to provide their own arms, equipment and uniforms. The only item supplied by the state was an armband with the Minute Men Patch. The Pennsylvania State Guard Reserve worn the armband from May 3rd to August 26th, 1943, when they were replaced by the Minute Men. You will see on the armband where there was a larger Keystone shaped patch sewn on before, that being the larger Penna. SGR patch. Excellent condition and getting harder to find.

Persian Gulf Command

$12.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Beautiful example of the Persian Gulf Patch.

6th Corps - Greenback

$25.00 ($1.00 S&H)

OD bordered 6th Corps with greenback.

13th Airborne Division

$25.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Nice example of the 13th A/B Division patch.

826th Tank Destroyer Bn.

$30.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Nice example of the 826th Tank Destroyer Bn. patch

64th Armor Regt.

$25.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Nice example of 64th Armor Regt. patch.

1st Coast Artillery District Patches

$45.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Here is a set of eight 1st Coast Artillery District patches and a 1st Service Command patch all sewn together, as found in a small patch collection.

"Hell On Wheels" Tab

$25.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Never saw this one before, yellow on black background. It measures 3 5/8" long and is 7/8" wide. It came with all the other WW2 patches I found.

ETO Patches - British Made

$65.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Here are two British made ETO patches, one on raincoat material and the other embroidered on felt. Two nice variations.

7th Army Theater Made

$24.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Nicely done in a silk or bevo with a grey backing that was worn.

Group of Signal Patches

$65.00 ($6.00 S&H)

Nice set of five period Signal Corps patches on felt, twill and chenille.

3rd Armored Division - Green Back

$15.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Nice worn example.

A/B EM Overseas Cap Patch

$35.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Near mint condition and does not glow.

Officer's Cavalry Insignia - Khaki

$8.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Still in the glassine issue packet are a pair of embroidered Cavalry insignia on khaki cloth. Excellent condition.

Hostess - Librarian

$40.00 ($2.00 S&H)

From an old album collection. Near excellent condition.

Felt 9th Corps Patch

$15.00 ($1.00 S&H)

This is a felt on felt patch for the 9th Corps. There is a small bit of dried glue at the bottom of the X, so I will let the new owner take it off. Otherwise excellent condition.

WW2 Airborne Command Patch

$35.00 ($1.00 S&H)

Nice example of the WW2 Airborne Command Patch. It does not fluoresce under a blacklight.

10th AAF Patch - CBI Made

$75.00 ($1.00 S&H)

I got this one fron the veteran's son, who used to wear the shirt while playing soldier when he was just a child. The shirt was washed many times and finally got too bad to keep, so he cut the patch off the sleeve. The white on the patch fluoresces as it was washed about a million times. A very nice example of an original 10th AAF theater made patch.

Theater Made AVG Patch

$795.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Here is something that does not pop up that often. This came out of an older collection here in the East Coast and I was fortunate to bag it!! I'm told that this had been on an overseas hat and was taken off sometime ago. The new owner took the patch to an airshow, where Ed Rector and Dick Rossi, former AVG pilots, signed the back for the collector. There is also a number "27" on the back (accountability number ??)plus what looks like chinese characters. The patch is all handmade and measures approx. 2 5/8" in diameter. What else can I say about it!!

Theater Made 15th AAF Patch

$95.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Nice example of an Italian made 15th AAF patch in a heavy embroidery. A little bit of wear and fraying, but still a great looking patch.

20th AAF Patch - CBI made

$95.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Just stone mint, theater made embroidered 20th AAF patches. I have two, one with yellow wings and the other with orange wings. Your choice at $95 each.

79th Division Hat Patch

$35.00 ($2.00 S&H)

I found this safety pinned onto an overseas hat that had seen better days. It measures 1 3/4" by 2" and does not fluoresce under a black light. I would think that this was made to put on an overseas hat or maybe on a child's size uniform, but it is period for sure.

5th AAF Patch in Bullion

$85.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Great looking theater made bullion 5th AAF patch in near mint condition.

5th AAF Patch - Theater Made

$45.00 ($2.00 S&H)

In near mint condition, a great looking embroidered 5th AAF patch that was theater made.

Bullion 9th Aviation Engineers Patch

$225.00 ($3.00 S&H)

A stunning German made bullion 9th Aviation Engineers patch that would be had to upgrade.

10th AAF - CBI made

$85.00 ($2.00 S&H)

A super CBI theater made 10th AAF patch in excellent condition. It measures 2 3/4" diameter.

WW2 Period Sleeve Chevrons

$10.00 ($2.00 S&H)

I have several matched sets of WW2 period mfg. chevrons made of different material. First come - first served. Corporal and SGT's stripes are $10.00 a set. Private's are $5.00 a set Real nice condition, some never sewn on.

ETO Advance Base

$15.00 ($1.00 S&H)

ETO Advance Base patch on raincoat canvas, English made.

Germany Rocker/Tab

$45.00 ($2.00 S&H)

Neat theater made tab with Germany. Has a cheesecloth backing and is in excellent condition.

5th AAF

$50.00 ($3.00 S&H)

Great example of a nice embroidered on felt Aussie made 5th AAF patch in near mint condition.