WW2 - Small Groupings

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1st Cavalry Occupation Force - USAWECOM

$125.00 ($15.00 S&H)

Here is a neat little grouping to Staff Sgt. Morris M. Jarpe who served during the Occupation of Japan with the 1st Cavalry Division, out of Camp Drew. Included are his HBT shirt w/13 star metal buttons, made into an Ike Jacket with Japanese and English name tag, Sgt. stripes, name and USAWECOM Japanese made name strips, two sets of dog tags and a photo of him and two buddies in Camp Drew, Japan. Neat little grouping.

Navy Officer Grouping

$550.00 ($15.00 S&H)

All from the same estate of "H. Leslie Blake, Jr., his Naval Visor Cap, by "The Aloha Cap, styled by Service Center, Ltd., Honolulu, T.H.", his writswatch inscribed on the back, "H. Leslie Blake, Jr, 922-25-13, Honolulu, 1943". and a Hula Skirt, ankle decorations and a Lei that he brought home for his wife. A neat grouping from one man, will not split it up.

Corporal in 6th & 13th AAF

$140.00 ($10.00 S&H)

A neat little grouping I picked up from the family of a Corporal that served in the 64th TC Squadron of the 13th AAF during WW2 and then the 6th AAF after the war until his his retirement from the Air Force. Included are his metal and cloth Aircrew wings, ID bracelet to AAF Medical Dept and matching AF Dog Tag, ribbon bars & other small pins and patches, 1945 Pilots Log Book with his photo, 2 6th AAF leather name tags, 64th TC Sq. reunion patch, his AAF Physical Crew Nenber Record Card, receipt for a carbine, etc. A cute little grouping, all for one money.

Red Cross Lot

$15.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Consisting of 1936 Member Card, large window decal, 4 pins and 2 tags. All for one money.

Navy Bracelet and more

$43.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A neat looking Navy Emblem bracelet with "Haines A. Miller" on the front and "140553, AT-9-14-42, USNR P" on the reverse. There are sterling Navy cuff links, religious medal & metal rank insignia. All for one money.

Dorr Field Patch & Pilot Logs

$175.00 ($9.00 S&H)

A neat little grouping to a 2nd Lt William A Sanderson, Jr. consisting of his Pilot Log Books, a very hard to find Dorr Field Patch, Student Pilot Licenses, Id card and Medical Certificate.

4th Photo Mapping Sq. Grouping

$350.00 ($10.00 S&H)

This is a neat little grouping to a Sgt. Charles J. McCall of the 4th Photo Mapping Sq., 1st Photographic Group that were sent to preform duties in Africa & the Middle East. Included in this grouping are Sgt McCall's colorized photo of himself, two photo's of him and his crew showing the different sides of their B-24 F7 Recon Aircraft (these were camera equiped B-24's) named "Dear Mrs Mayfield & And How!", a matched set of 1st Mapping Group DI's by Bastian Bros. Sterling (uncommon), sterling Air Gunner PB Wing, sterling ID Bracelet, T42-43 Dog Tags w/catholic medal, Air Medal w/coffin case, GC medal (neither medal named), a Lucky St Michele Bell and an English made bail out whistle. Nice little grouping that deserves more researth.

Bombigator Wing and More

$1,600.00 ($20.00 S&H)

When do you ever see a Bombigator Wing?? This grouping is to Lt. William J. Davis, who received his Bombardier-Navigator rating on 3 Eeb. 1945 at Hondo AF, Hondo, Texas. Lt. Davis flew as a Bombigator on C-47's during the German Occupation and had a very illustrious career until his retirement in 1963. Included in this grouping are his AAF Bombigator Wings by "Gemsco", his AF Senior Pilot Wings by "Meyer" and a jacket nametag with wings, a set of foreign wings, his ribbon bars, his named AF Commendation Medal plus other patches and insignia many Diplomas, Award Certificates and Citations from 1944 to 1963, Oct. 1944 issue of "Bombigator" with his picture inside, two different Pilot Training Class Books from Maxwell Field, Ala. (44J & 44K), plus a large box of personal paper and records. I didn't have the time to go through everything, but this is a super grouping to a "REAL" BOMBIGATOR from WW2. When will the next one come along??

AAF Corporal - Moody Field, Georgia

$110.00 ($5.00 S&H)

A small group of material to a Corporal Rayherman J. Jones who served out the war at Moody Field, Valdosta, Georgia. Included are his photo postcard, his EM Visor Cap, Victory and GC medals, misc. cards from Moody Field, a small Bible and some Civil Aeronautic books. Just one of the many enlisted men that served here in the states getting our airmen ready for combat.

Brayton Flying School Grouping

$325.00 ($8.00 S&H)

This is a neat little grouping, consisting of a class book for 44K of the "Brayton Flying School" in Cuero, Texas, a 5" diameter leather jacket patch for the school and two photographs of students by one of the trainer planes. The book is missing the inside back cover page, but is does not detract from the overall look. The patch is just great and hard to come by.

66th Fighter Squadron Grouping

$850.00 ($10.00 S&H)

This grouping is to Master Sergeant Frank Fisher of the 66th Fighter Squadron, 57th Fighter Group of the 9th and 12th Army Air Forces. Included in this group are some of Sgt. Fisher's stripes and patches, a beautiful Italian made 66th FS patch on kidd leather, a set of alabaster bookends and a matching wall plaque with the 66th Fighter Squad. insignia, an original 66th Fighter Squadron History book "Calling Jackpot" with Sgt. Fisher's name listed in it, an original group photograph of the 66th FS with Sgt. Fisher located on it, his 20 year retirement certificate plus some other paper and research. The Squadron patch is painted on kidd leather and was never worn. It was probably bought right before he came home. It measures 4" by 3 1/4" and is mint condition. This is a beautiful little grouping.

AAF Sgt. William Reed Grouping

$235.00 ($10.00 S&H)

I picked this grouping up locally, from a nephew that did not have any information about his uncle other than his name and that he was in the Air Corps. Included in this grouping is a super name tag with his name & foreign writing (Burmese, Middle Eastern, ??), a mint theater made AAF HQ patch, sterling AC wings, patches, medal & insignia, several photo's, a pair of AAF training DI's and his visor cap. This will make a nice research project.

9th AAF Fighter Pilot - One Kill

$950.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A Fighter Pilot with a confirmed kill from the 391st Fighter Sq., 366th Fighter Gp., 9th AAF. 2nd Lt. Martin R. Engler had a confirmed victory over an Me-109 on 12-17 44 at 1020 hours in a P-47D. Included in this grouping are a cockpit photo of Lt. Engler, his killer 366th Fighter Group Patch, non-named medals, pilot wings, patches, insignia and pilot bracelet, 9th AAF in England sterling pin, OS Hat, sun glasses, cockpit flashlight, a short snorter, silk scarve made of parachute silk and three A/C wing ID lights. A nice grouping to a pilot with a victory.