WW2 - Clothing - Uniforms - Footware

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WW2 Brown Cloth Shoe Laces - 18 inch

$3.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Have three boxes of 24 shoe laces each, selling the laces at $3 each, or 4 for $10, or a box of 24 for $50. Once their gone, their gone.

Boot Laces - 40 inch long

$4.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Have five pair of brown cloth boot laces, 40 inches long, sold at $4 a pair.

M-43 Field Jacket with 43 Hood

$175.00 ($12.00 S&H)

Excellent condition in size 34R, with M-43 hood. The liner is nicely marked with jacket information, spec. tag in pocket is a little faded, but looks to be dated 1944. Just a nice jacket.

Field Jacket M-43

$125.00 ($12.00 S&H)

In excellent condition, but missing spec. tag. In size 38R.

AAA Command - Uniform Set

$60.00 ($15.00 S&H)

Consists of 1944 dated Ike Jacket in 36R, trousers dated 45/46 in 31X31, OD wool shirt 15 1/2 x 33 and dated 1944 and a tan shirt, all with SSGT stripes and AAA patches. Couple moth hits, but overall a nice set for the money. $60 for everything.

WW2 2-Buckle White Winter Boots

$125.00 ($15.00 S&H)

Great looking boots in a larger size, felt bottom with leather tops and original laces. Used by Mountain troops and especially with snow shoes, as the heel is grooved to help keeps the bindings secure. Don't see these everyday.

Chocolate Brown Tie

$10.00 ($4.00 S&H)

A nice example of a Chocolate Brown Tie. Have three of them at $10 each.

USN Marked Frog Skin Poncho

$260.00 ($12.00 S&H)

In just excellent condition, very supple and marked USN by "The Sunlite Mfg. Company". Harder to find than the one's marked to USMC.

HBT Shirt w/ Metal 13 Star Buttons

$55.00 ($10.00 S&H)

Just a super looking HBT shirt in around a large size. Silver colored 13 star buttons.

Winter Weight/Ski Socks

$8.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Have one pair of winter weight socks by "Ballston" in size 10. Still have paper tag.

Knee High Wool Socks

$8.00 ($8.00 S&H)

I have 3 pair of a tan/beige knee high knit socks, sizes 10, 10 1/2 and 11. They are sold at $8 a pair, or $20 for all three pair. Have an extra single 10 & 11 and would throw them in if you buy all three.

Enlisted Wool Shirt w/ Gas Flap

$30.00 ($8.00 S&H)

I have two of these from the same GI, in size 15 X 32. AAF patch on the one shirt, both with Sgt. stripes. Yhe shirts are in great condition and both have the inside gas flap.

Enlisted Wool Shirt

$25.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Very nice looking wool shirt for enlisted ranks. Has Sgt. stripes, but don't see a size on it, This shirt came with the two Gas Flap shirts, so I would think it is a size 15 X 32.

Sweater Vest by Red Cross

$85.00 ($8.00 S&H)

One of the nicest examples I've ever owned. Given to and worn by Army and Marines, from a Mississippi chapter of the Red Cross.

1 Corps Ike Jacket - Dated 1945

$20.00 ($10.00 S&H)

Nice looking Ike Jacket, dated 1945 with a 1 Corp patch. One of the buckles on the waist is broken and needs replaced. Otherwise excellent condition.

Officer's OD Wool Shirt by Valiant

$28.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Just a great looking Officer's shirt around a 14 1/2 X 32. The size tag is washed out, but the shirt is in nice condition.

OD Wool Shirt

$22.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Nice OD wool shirt in 14 1/2 X 33.

Tan Shirts

$10.00 ($6.00 S&H)

Have two tan shirts, 15 1/2 X 33 and a 15 X 34. Both shirts in nice shape. They are $10, or take both for $18.

WW2 Seabee, Motor Machinist Uniform

$40.00 ($10.00 S&H)

Nice uniform of top and pants to a Motor Machinist in the Seabees. Great shape.

Navy Lieutenant J.G. - Blue Service Coat

$40.00 ($10.00 S&H)

Super nice condition Blue Service Coat for a Lieutenant J.G. of the line, in a size 39 and made by "Finchley" of New York.

2nd Army OD Wool Shirt

$30.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A great looking shirt with 2nd Army patch and T Corporal stripes. It is a size 15 - 32. This shirt does not have the gas flap.

OD Linen Shirt - 31st Division Patch

$28.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A nice example of a OD color linen shirt with 31st Division patch and Corporal stripes. It is a size 14 1/2 by 32 sleeves. Just a couple of small holes on left collar and left sleeve, but still a good looking shirt.

WW2 Boxer/Undershirt Set

$50.00 ($7.00 S&H)

I have two sets of mint boxer shorts and tank tops. The boxers are size 36 and are dated 1945. They are being sold at $50 a set, or take both sets for $95. Fantastic condition.

Khaki AAF Shirt - Corporal Stripes

$20.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Nice looking shirt in size 15 X 34, with AAF patch and Corporal stripes. Great condition.

Khaki EM Shirt

$20.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Nice Khaki shirt, size 15 X 35, has one PFC strip and is missing the 45th Div. patch from the shoulder. Nice shape.

Tan Long Sleeve Shirts - Mint Condition

$18.00 ($8.00 S&H)

These shirts were issued, but are still folded and pinned as they were when they were given to the GI. They are size 15-35. They are being sold at $18 each, or take all three for $45.

OD Wool Shirt w/ Flap

$30.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Great looking OD wool shirt with the wool flap in size 14 X 33. It has a tag and it looks to be dated 1941.

Tan Officer's Style Shirt

$20.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Great looking tan officer's style shirt with epaulets in size 14 X 32.

AAF - Tan Shirts from a Sgt.

$20.00 ($7.00 S&H)

I have two different tan colored shirts at $20 each. Officer's Shirt with Master Sgt patches, AAF & US Forces Middle East patches 14 1/2 X 32, another tan shirt with the same patches and same size, but no tag. Take both and keep them together for $35. These were from the same GI.

Army Issue Socks

$8.00 ($2.00 S&H)

A pair of issued Army socks in used condition.

USN Aviation EM Uniforms - Named

$75.00 ($10.00 S&H)

A pair of bell bottoms and three jumpers (one is his training jumper), all marked with his name except for one jumper. Great shape for their age. All for one money.

"Wings" Military Shirt

$15.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Tan, long sleeve shirt marked "Wings" Military Regulation Style. Just needs washed...

Navy Aviation Blue Uniform

$85.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A beautiful example of a Navy Blue Uniform with Aviation rank. It comes from Subway Tailors in San Diego, Calif. The owner had his name done in fancy embroidery both jacket and pants. Great condition. My picker just brought me photo's of the sailor that he just found.

Light Brown Dress Shirt

$30.00 ($7.00 S&H)

Just a gorgeous color tan/brown shirt in around a size 32/34 and very nice shape.

Army HBT Shirt

$65.00 ($7.00 S&H)

An Army HBT Shirt, marked either 1943 or 1948, plastic buttons (missing one), with Corporal striped stenciled on both sleeves. Nice shape.

USN/USMC Nylon Flight Suit

$120.00 ($8.00 S&H)

This flight suit is marked, "Nylon Flying Suits, Lightweight, 38M, Cont. No. NoA(S)3867, Alda Mills", has two Talon zippers and is in near mint unissued condition. I also have a matching Nylon Flight Helmet with TH 37 avionics listed seperately.

1943 Field Jacket w/ Hood

$95.00 ($10.00 S&H)

A real nice example of a 1943 Model Field Jacket with a Hood. The jacket is a size 34R and is in excellent condition with just a hint of wear.

US Navy Foul Weather Coveralls/Pants

$45.00 ($8.00 S&H)

A very nice set of either very slightly used or just storage wear, US Navy Foul Weather pants in Medium size.

OD Issue Long John Under Pants

$30.00 ($5.00 S&H)

I've got two pair of long john pants. One has a narrow waist belt and the other is wider in the front at the buttons. Your choice at $30 each.

OD Long Johns - 1943

$30.00 ($5.00 S&H)

A near mint set of OD long johns marked 1943 and size 30 among other information (see pic).

WW2 Army HBT Shirt

$60.00 ($6.00 S&H)

Nice looking Army HBT shirt with metal buttons. It had an AAF patch and Sgt. stripes on it at one time I was told, but they were taken off long ago. Very nice condition.