Post VietNam Era Items

15 Items For Sale

1984 Dated - Adjutant General Corps Guidon

$50.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Double sided and in great condition. Measures 19 1/2" by 28 1/2".

Hi Standard 22cal Military Magazine

$35.00 ($5.00 S&H)

For the Hi Standard 22cal pistol.

2 Tubes of Camo Face Paint

$5.00 ($3.00 S&H)

2 tubes of camo face paint. The one tube is marked 1983.

Air Force Brass Door Knocker

$35.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A solid brass Air Force door knocker, weighing in at just over a pound and measuring approx. 4" by 6". I have five of them at $35 each, or take all five for $150.

Pennsylvania CAP Uniform Set

$45.00 ($12.00 S&H)

Great looking CAP Uniform set for the PA. 31st Wing, with CAP USAF Auxiliary patch on right breast . The set consists of Tan shirt (15 collar)and pants (appox. 32 waist), both made by "Dacron Viscose" USAF Regulation, blue belt, blue overseas hat and visor cap (6 7/8), all being in near mint condition. Complete with collar and hat insignia's. These may very well be of Vietnam period, but just not sure. Great looking set.

US Army Gas Lanterns

$85.00 ($12.00 S&H)

These lanterns are in mint, unused condition and should work perfectly. I have two exactly the same, one is 1984, the other 1986 and they are both made by S.M.P. They are sold at $85 each or take both for $155.

M7 Bayonet & M10 Scabbard

$60.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Both in beautiful condition, the M7 Bayonet is made by "General Cutlery" (1804 to 1984) and the M10 Scabbard was made in 1987. This is for the M-16 rifle.

1982 Dated Pilot Summer Gloves

$15.00 ($4.00 S&H)

Nice pair of summer gloves as used by rotary and fixed wing Army pilots. Same style as Vietnam.

1990's 82nd A/B Beret

$15.00 ($7.00 S&H)

A nice US Army Paratrooper's beret with a 3rd Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery, 82nd A/B flash and crest.

"Winslow" Air-Sea Rescue Raft

$225.00 ($20.00 S&H)

In near mint condition, all rubber is supple and CO2 tanks are ready to go. A great looking and usable Raft system from the 1980's and up. Great price too!

Aviator's Retirement Wing

$40.00 ($6.00 S&H)

I found this in with other items from a sale of Major General Robert E. Harris's personal property. General Harris flew combat missions in Thailand, Grenada and Panama. He retired in 1992 as Commander of the Pa. Air National Guard. The wing measures 1 1/2" tip to tip.

Piece of Berlin Wall

$10.00 ($6.00 S&H)

It measures approx. 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 1" and was brought back by a neighbor's son during a trip to Germany in early 1990, after the wall came down in November 1989. Neat little piece.

Gulf War "Yellow Ribbon" Flag

$10.00 ($3.00 S&H)

A near mint 7 1/2" by 12" single sided flag/banner for supporting Gulf War troops.

Life Vest CO2 Cannisters

$18.00 ($8.00 S&H)

I have seven small cannisters, dated to late 1970's and two larger cannisters dated to 1980's. All for one money.

Life Vest Valve Assemblies

$18.00 ($8.00 S&H)

I have a bag of six complete valve assemblies, one without a cap and one extra cap, all for one money. Some may be WW2.