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Pre-WW1 Officers Saber - State of Baden

$325.00 ($20.00 S&H)

Here is a beautiful Pre-WW1 Infantry Officer's Saber from the German State of Baden. Quill back Eisenhauer blade by WKC. Some peppering to the blade, but still very attractive. It has the original hanger and knot in Baden colors and the knot has a metal "3" on the bottom. A very scarce sword in nice condition.

French - Brandt 60mm Mortar Round

$185.00 ($10.00 S&H)

Here is a 60mm Mortar round for a Brandt 1915 Pneumatic Mortar. It is approx. 7" in length and 2 1/4" in diameter. It has the letter "W" in the body, just below the fuse. A hard piece of ordnance to find.