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SHAPE Grouping

$150.00 ($8.00 S&H)

Great grouping to Captain Frank H. Hursey who had been with the 69th Signal Bn. His SHAPE Certificate of Appreciation, a German bevo SHAPE patch and a beautiful made pocket patch ID of a metal insignia on a leather button hole backing. Great looking grouping!! Buy this with the following grouping for $225.

Swagger Sticks to 69th Signal Bn. & Dog Tags

$95.00 ($12.00 S&H)

All to the same veteran. Captain Frank H. Hursey, who's career spanned from 1951 into the 1980's. His dog tags with a T51 date, a swagger stick with the 69th Signal Bn DI and a 1955 dime on the pommel, another stick with signal insignia and Capt. bars, engraved, "Frank H. Hursey From the NCO's B. Co., 69th Sig. Bn. Forty Meade, Md. 14 March 58" with "Bon Voyage To France" on the top of the pommel. The 69th served in Orleans, France during the cold war. This is part of the previous grouping, buy it all for $225..