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Photo - Wisc. National Guard Women

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This is a really neat photo! It shows five young ladies in uniform, four enlisted and one officer. All have collar insignia of 2nd Infantry, with WIS letters separate. The enlisted women have cap devices, 2nd Inf, D and are shouldering two different style rifles. The girl on the left holds a WIS. National Guard swallow tail banner. The young lady on the right is an officer, with officer insignia on her cap and is holding a sword. They are all wearing the same uniform clothes. Best I can find on this is the Wisc. State Militia had the 127 / 128th Inf. Rgt's, 2nd Regiment was redesignated 20 March 1879, 2nd Battalion was organized 19 Feb. 1881 and were from the Oshkosh area of Wisconsin. In 1921 they were assigned to the 32nd Inf. Division. Sorry for the flashes in the photo, as it's really crisp in clarity.

1909 - 1910 Register for Naval Academy

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Leather covered with 213 pages of text, lists and rosters. Cover and binding could be better, but contents are great.